RadTabControl is a container for multiple tab items. Each tab item represents instance of the class Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadTabItem and it is the only building block of the tab control. The tab control is made of two parts, first is the tab header and the second is the content area. The tab headers are always visible at the left, top, right or bottom of the tab control, while the content area is visible only when the tab item is selected. For more information see the visual structure topic of the tab control.

Here is a list of most important tab item features:

  • The appearance of a tab items can be changed using either styling or templates. You can set the specific templates using the properties ControlTemplate, HeaderTemplate or ContentTemplate.

  • Populate your tab control with tab items using one of the following approaches declaratively, programmatically, using data binding or using Blend.

  • Control the way the tab strip is positioned using the RadTabControl property TabStripPosition as shown here.

  • Control the way the tab items are oriented using the RadTabControl property TabOrientation as shown here.

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