Freeze Mode

Note: Freeze Mode may not function correctly through a Remote Desktop Connection.


While building tests for complex animations and visual effects that tend to alter their behavior on mouse hover, the recorder allows you to lock the recorded UI by pressing the Scroll Lock key.


While in Freeze Mode, you can take the time to build a verification for any existing element. Here's an example:

  1. Create a new Web Test and press the Record button.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Enable hover over highlighting and place the cursor over the first picture.
  4. Click the blue nub.


  6. Click Mouse Actions > Mouse Hover > Center.


  8. Place the cursor over the first picture and ensure the tooltip is visible.


  10. Press the Scroll Lock key. The original cursor freezes and a second cursor appears paired with a lock icon.
  11. Place the second cursor over the tooltip and click the blue nub.


  13.  Choose Quick Tasks.


  15. Double click Verify - text contains 'A must have tool for designing better layouts...'.


  17. Press the Scroll Lock key again to turn off Freeze Mode. Close the browser to stop recording.
  18. Execute the test. You have quickly performed a verification on a transitory tooltip without delving into the DOM to search for it.