Recorder Client Unable to Communicate with Recording Host


When attempting to record in Test Studio, you receive an alert dialog:


Recorder client is unable to communicate with the recording host.
Possibly the recording host has been closed.


Recorder client is unable to communicate...


This is a known conflict with previous installations on the ArtOfTest or Test Studio Browser Helper Object (BHO).


A temporary solution is to disable residual ArtOfTest or Test Studio BHO's from the Manage Add-Ons screen in Internet Explorer. This screen is accessible through the Internet Explorer Settings Menu.


Our suggested approach is to uninstall all previous installations of ArtOfTest or Test Studio, including the Framework, via Windows Control Panel. Taking this approach will ensure no future conflicts will arise.

This conflict could also arise with other Internet Explorer add-ons that implement Browser Helper Objects (for example, the "I Want This" add-on within the "Amazing Apps" group). Such add-ons may need to be disabled to avoid this behavior.