• RadRibbonBar
    • WindowTitle
    • QuickAccessToolBar
      • RibbonButton
      • RibbonDropDownButton
    • RibbonGroup
      • RibbonButton
      • RibbonRadioButton
      • RibbonDropDownButton
      • RibbonSplitButton


Translator Brief Description Handled Actions Verifications - Quick Tasks
  • Organize the navigation functionality of your application into a single compact toolbar control.

  • Is minimized
  • Ribbon group count
  • Help button visibility
  • Located in the middle of the top area of the RadRibbonBar.
  • Displays the currently opened document along with the name of your application.

  • Text
  • Title
  • Divider
  • Application name
  • Usually displayed either in the window's title bar or below the RibbonBar.
  • Provides quick access to the most commonly used commands in your application. 
  • Toggle application menu 
  • Organizes the controls in a more logical and convenient way for the user.

  • Tray text
  • Dialog launcher visibility
  • The main action control used in the ribbon.
  • Responsible for providing interface for the actions exposed by your application.
  • Text 1
  • Text 2
  • Exposes a default action for the button, and opens the drop down content for additional actions. 
  • Split text
  • Is auto size
  • Is text in middle button
  • Text 1
  • Text 2