• RadGridView
    • GroupPanel
      • GroupPaneItem
        • GroupPaneCell
    • GridViewHeaderRow
      • GridViewHeaderCell
    • GridViewNewRow
    • FooterRow
      • FooterCell
    • GridViewGroupRow
    • GridViewRow
      • GridViewCell


Translator Brief Description Handled Actions Verifications - Quick Tasks
  • Displays data in tabular format.
  • The represented data is organized in rows and columns and can be additionally sorted, filtered, or structured in groups and sub-groups.
  • Column sort
  • Is enabled
  • Row count
  • Group row count
  • Is placed right above the RadGridView control and displays the columns by which your grid has been grouped.

  • Group panel item count
  • Panel text
  • Represents the column, by which the RadGridView is being grouped. 
  • Ungroup close button 
  • A row is the UI representation that wraps an object from the ItemsSource of the RadGridView.
  • Parent row expand/collapse
  • Row select 
  • Row index
  • Is current
  • Is expanded
  • Is selected
  • Cell count
  • Item state (selected, expanded, edited) 
  • The visual elements that do the actual representation of your data.

  • Cell index
  • Is content valid
  • Is current
  • Is editable
  • Is in edit mode
  • Text
  • Displays header information for each column.
  • Drag to group
  • Drag to reorder
  • Resize column
  • Header cell text
  • Header cell count
  • Allows expanding and collapsing the items that belong to it.
  • Group row expand/collapse
  • Is expanded
  • Group row index
  • Rows in group count
  • Sub group rows count
  • Adding new items in the RadGridView is done via the GridViewNewRow control.
  • It appears in the form of an empty row and allows you to enter a value for the field of each column.
  • Select
  • Visibility
  • Displays the results of aggregate functions, such as Sum, Count, Min, Max, Average, etc.
  • Select
  • Footer cell count
  • Visibility
  • Usually the bottom cell of a column is called footer.
  • Its purpose is to display some additional information that applies to the whole column. 
  • FooterCell text