• RadColorPicker
    • RadColorSelector
      • RadColorPaletteView
        • RadColorPaletteViewItem


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  • RadColorPicker  is a control that displays  a set of palettes from which the user can select a single color.
  • Toggle popup
  • Selected color RGB value
  • Selector popup is open
  • Allows users to select colors from the color spaces using a configurable palette view.

  • Header color RGB value
  • Header palette visibility
  • Header text
  • Main palette header text
  • No color visibility
  • Standard palette header text
  • Standard palette visibility
  • Used for representing different colors.

  • Color count
  • Column count
  • Orientation
  • An individual color item in the ColorPaletteView.
  • Select color
  • Color RGB value
  • Is focused