• RadButton (extends Button)
  • RadDropDownButton
  • RadRadioButton (extends RadioButton)
  • RadSplitButton
  • RadToggleButton (extends ToggleButton)


Translator Brief Description Handled Actions Verifications - Quick Tasks
  • A standard-like button that triggers some logic when clicked.

  • A button that displays a drop down popup when clicked.
  • Toggle drop down
  • Close on escape
  • Height
  • Indicator visibility
  • Is popup open
  • Width
  • A button that can be checked, but not unchecked via the UI.
  • You can group them in order to allow only one button to be checked at a time.

  • A button that combines a RadButton and a RadDropDownButton
  • It has a button part that can be clicked and triggers some logic, and a drop down part, which opens a popup upon clicking.
  • Toggle split button drop down
  • Close on escape
  • Drop down height
  • Drop down width
  • Indicator visibility
  • Is checked
  • Is toggle
  • Is drop down popup open
  • Button text
  • A standard-like button that can be toggled.