Recording Tests Against RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX

Recording Actions

Test Studio translators record actions against RadGrid controls performed in the recording browser. Even complex actions will create corresponding steps in the Test Studio Test Steps pane. These include steps like paging, item selection and deletion, column reorder, and grouping items by column value. 

RadGrid steps

See the table below for a complete list of handled actions.

Creating Verifications and Extractions

Test Studio translators create verifications and extractions against the RadGrid from the Elements Menu. Because a RadGrid includes a hierarchy of child controls, some elements in the RadGrid overlap visually. To specify the correct target element, enable Hover-Over Highlighting and hover over the target element to open the translator flippers.

Translator Flippers

Select the correct target element from the translator flippers. This will open up the Elements Menu. Special verification and extraction options for the RadGrid are available in the Quick Tasks menu.

Quick Tasks

See the table below for a complete list of verifications.

Locating Dynamic Elements

For some elements in the RadGrid, Test Studio will use unique IDs to locate the target element.

Outlook Grid

Edit the find logic for an element by selecting Edit in Live from the element context menu in the Elements Explorer.

Find Settings

If the ordering of the data in the RadGrid may change between test executions, consider using a find logic that is consistent across executions, such as text content. 

Updated Find Logic

RadGrid Element Hierarchy

  • Grid
    • GroupPanel
      • GroupPanelItem
    • FilterItem
    • TableView
      • DataItem
        • DataCell
      • GroupHeader
      • EditForm
    • TableHeader
    • PagerItem
    • FooterCell


Translator Brief Description Handled Actions Verifications - Quick Tasks
  • Displays data in tabular format.
  • The represented data is organized in rows and columns and can be additionally sorted, filtered, or structured in groups and sub-groups.
  • Column sort
  • Command item AddNew & Refresh
  • Drag to group (from TableHeader into GroupPanel)
  • Drag to ungroup (from GroupPanel into TableHeader)
  • Ungroup button click
  • Drag to select (items)
  • GroupPanel item sort
  • Columns reorder
  • Group expand/collapse
  • Filter menu popup
  • Header context menu popup
  • Item edit
  • Item delete
  • Item expand/collapse (hierarchy)
  • Item select (single click)
  • Item select/unselect via ClientSelectColumn check box
  • Item select/unselect via ClientSelectColumn check box in the header
  • Item insert/update/cancel (edit form)
  • Item update/cancel (in-line editing)
  • Pager actions
    • Load first, last, next, previous
    • Next, previous pages
    • Load page by
  • Advanced pager actions
    • Go to page
    • Change page size
  • Row selection enabled (single, multiple, drag-to-select option)
  • Column reorder allowed
  • Column reorder enabled on client
  • Column resizing allowed
  • Row resizing allowed
  • Detail table level (in case of hierarchy)
  • Each Panel item represents a column in one of the table views that the grid displays.
  • Panel items
TableHeader (Column)
  • The header appears above the rows, and is represented by the TableHeader object.
  • Unique name
  • Index
  • Sort order (none, ascending, descending)
  • Column state (resizable, reorderable, visible)
  • RadGrid allows presentation of related DataTables or custom objects with parent/child relations as a hierarchical structure of tables.
  • Table name
  • Data item count
  • Selected item count
  • Allowed multi-column sorting
  • Is in insert mode
  • Filter item is visible
  • Each item is a GridDataItem object. 
  • Item Id
  • Item index
  • Item state (selected, expanded, edited)
  • The regular data cells of the grid.  
  • Text content
  • The cell on the top of each grid column.
  • Header text content
  • Group is expanded/collapsed
  • Controls to change the page by next, previous, first, last, or jump to a specific page.
  • Mode
  • Page size
  • Current page index
  • Page count
  • Info text
  • Displays information about the column (such as summary information). 
  • Text content