• Calendar
  • NavigationPopup
  • Picker
  • TimeView


Translator Brief Description Handled Actions Verifications - Quick Tasks
  • A set of components for displaying and selecting date and time values from a calendar-like interface.
  • Date selection
  • Row/column header & view selector clicks for multiple selection
  • Title click (fast navigation popup)
  • Next/previous month navigation
  • Fast next/previous month navigation
  • FastNavigation popup month/year selection
  • FastNavigation Today/Ok/Cancel click
  • Selected dates
  • Selected dates count
  • Focused date
  • Multi-selection is enabled
  • AutoPostBack is enabled
  • FastNavigation popup is visible
  • FastNavigation is enabled
  • A control to let users either enter the date and time value directly in the input area, or select it from a popup calendar/time view.
  • Calendar popup click
  • TimeView popup click
  • Picker is empty
  • Selected date
  • Focused date
  • Calendar popup is visible
  • TimeView is visible
  • Works as a popup embedded in a time or date/time picker control. 
  • Time selection