Compare View

Use this feature to put two Runs side by side and identify potential regressions.

Version 2011.2.1028 and later

  1. Click the Compare button in the Performance tab.

    Compare button

  2. Select two results to compare in section 1.
    • Click View to go to the Overview of that profile.
    • Click the double arrow icon to flip the comparison of profiles A and B.


  3. Set a limit to the difference threshold in section 2. Click Reset to set thresholds back to zero.


  5. View the data for each step in the Comparison Results section.


    • Click Expand to show details for each step.
    • Click Collapse to hide all details.
    • Click the arrow icon by a step to expand or collapse its details.


Versions 2011.2.928 – 2011.2.1007

  1. Click the Compare button in the upper right of the Overview screen.
  2. Select a Run in each drop-down menu. You can easily identify a Run by its date, time, and whether it's the Benchmark. Click Compare.


  4. Run 1 is shown on the left (outlined in teal  ) as the baseline with the standard Overview statistics. Run 2 is shown on the right (outlined in orange  ) and its statistics are shown as improvements (green) or regressions (red) compared to Run 1.
  5. Each step of the two Runs compared is also represented on the bar graph below the grid. The bars are color-coded in teal and orange as well. 


  7. Use the Comparison Threshold drop-down to set the time tolerance (in milliseconds) for Total Time, Size, Server Time, and Client Time comparisons.


  9. Click Done Comparing in the upper right to return to the main Overview.