Start a Manual Test

  1. Click Start Manual Test from the Next Steps ribbon or in the test notes area.

    Start Manual Test


  3. Open the website or application you are testing. Click Continue.

    Manual Runner


  5. Perform the test. For each step you can:
    • Mark it as Pass, Fail, or NotRun.

      Step Results


    • Capture a desktop screen shot (use the "Ctrl+PrtScn" key as a shortcut).

      Capture Image


    • Write notes about the step.



    • You can also mark all or selected steps as Pass or Fail.

      All steps results


  6. Choose one of two Next Steps:
    • Save & Close - close the dialog and return to the Record tab.
    • Reset Results - reset all current test results and save the result file to the Project\Results folder (optional).