Keep the Project Source Location and the Project Work Folder in Sync


I am experiencing problems when scheduling one or more test lists. The execution of the test list(s) never starts. I receive an error message in the Results view stating:


Test List not found.


Or the scheduled test list might simply disappear. When you check the Scheduling log (as seen here), you see an error message stating:


The scheduled TestList could not be found in its expected location.


There are other possible errors generated by this issue. The functionality related to this issue has gone through multiple changes and the error you encounter depends on the version of Test Studio you're using.


When you open a project in Test Studio, you've opened it from a location in the file system on the specific machine. You can check what that location is by right clicking the root node in Project view and selecting Open Project Folder in Windows Explorer:



When you configure the project to use Scheduling, you specify a Project Source Location (PSL). The Scheduling service accesses the project from the PSL whenever it needs to execute a scheduled test list. By default, the PSL is the current location of your project (as seen above). However, you can manually configure the PSL to point to a copy of the project in a different location (possibly on a different machine within your network):



This is where the issue might arise. You configure the PSL to be a different location. After implementing this configuration, you create a test list in Test Studio. This test list is created in the work folder from which you've currently opened the test. However, there is no mechanism to keep the PSL and the work folder in sync. If you don't manually copy the newly created test list to the PSL as well, you receive an error when you try to schedule it. All test list files are created in ProjectFolder/TestLists. To rectify the issue, copy the test list file to ProjectFolder/TestLists for the PSL.