Scheduled Test List Execution Is Delayed


The actual execution of a scheduled test list doesn't occur at the user-specified time but is instead late.


Slight variations between the scheduled time and the actual time of execution of a test run are to be expected. This is a side effect of the implemented architecture:


All the info about the scheduled runs is kept in an SQL Database. Once every few minutes the Scheduling Server polls the database for scheduled events to execute. It will only execute runs scheduled in the past that haven’t been executed yet.  


Be default the database is polled every 5 minutes.


Here’s specific example: You’ve scheduled a run for 12:01. A system poll will occurred at 12:00 and will occur again at 12:05. At 12:00 nothing happens because there are no scheduled runs in the past. At 12:05 the Scheduling Server will poll the database again. It will determine that one scheduled run is in the past (12:01) but hasn’t been executed yet. At this point it will execute it.


However, if the run was scheduled for 12:04 then you will have to wait only 1 minute for it to execute. So occasionally you will have to tolerate differences equal to the poll interval.


The poll interval is configurable from the Scheduling Server’s Configuration (by default it’s set to 5 minutes): 



*Keep in mind and SQL database pool is a resource-grabbing operation. Setting a poll interval that’s very small may result in CPU slowdown on the affected machine.