Register Certificate for HTTPS Connection


I'm working on a web application accessible via secure HTTP (HTTPS) with a URL like this:



I encounter certificate-related warnings when the Test Studio recorder or runner is attached to the browser. I do not see this warning when the recorder or runner is not attached:


SOLUTION 1 - Standalone version and VS plugin

This is expected behavior and it's related to the way Test Studio hooks into the browser. If this warning is a problem for your test automation, use the Register certificate for https connection feature:

  1. Load Project Settings and go to the General menu item.
  2. Click Register certificate for https connection under Connection settings.



  3. You are prompted to install a certificate. Click Yes. After installing the certificate, you will no longer receive the certificate-related warning when automating your application with Test Studio.



    Note: Ensure that installing the certificate does not violate your company's security policies.

SOLUTION 2 - Run-Time Edition

Without a full version of Test Studio installed, there is no GUI to register the certificate as outlined above. This can be done from the command line, however.


Open a command prompt and navigate to the following directory:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\Test Studio 20XX.X\Bin


Then enter the following command:


ArtOfTest.WebAii.HttpProxy.exe InstallCertificate