Break Source Control Link


I'd like to break the TFS link of a local project so it is no longer source controlled.


This can be done from the Project Explorer UI.

Open the Project's context menu and select the "Source Control -> Disconnect from Source Control".

enlarge screenshot

OLD SOLUTION (Not recommended)

Manually modify the Settings.aiis file. This is located in the Project folder.


Open this file with Notepad and locate the SourceControlRepository section, as seen below. Delete these lines to break the link to TFS.


<SourceControlRepository Type="ArtOfTest.Common.TFSClient.TFSRepositoryInfo" Version="2011.1.829.0">
  <Server Type="ArtOfTest.Common.TFSClient.TFSServerInfo" Version="2011.1.829.0">
    <ServerName Type="System.String">http://server-tfs2010:8080/tfs</ServerName>
  <RemotePath Type="System.String">$/Projects/TestStudioProject1</RemotePath>