Using the ClosesBrowser Property for Pop-ups


Pop-ups can have a control (usually a button) which invokes an event that closes the pop-up. This can cause problems when performing UI Automation with Test Studio.


"Click"-type of steps have a property called "ClosesBrowser":

Depending on the implementation of the pop-up, Test Studio may or may not detect the cases where this property needs to be set to Ttrue. Symptoms related to this issue can be:

  • Click steps timing out after the actual click occurred during execution.
  • Click steps failing with a seemingly random exception message:



  • If the click step is followed by a "Close pop-up window" step, this likely indicates the button invokes a Closing event. However, this problem can occur even if your test contains no "Connect to pop-up window" or "Close pop-up window" steps. This is because some pop-ups are implemented in a non-standard way. In these cases, set ClosesBrowser to True. Select the "Click" step, then change this setting from the Property menu on the right.
  • Setting the Click step's SimulateRealClick property to True resolves the issue.

See this page for an example of this kind of pop-up implementation.