Step Suggestions

Test Studio provides the ability to manually augment tests with actions/verifications without launching the recorder. You can add actions and verifications directly from an auto-generated list that is based on a selected element from the Elements Explorer.


Step suggestions button 


  1. In a test that contains recorded elements, click the Step Suggestions icon in the Elements Explorer.


    Standalone version

    VS plugin


  3. The Step Suggestions pane appears. Now select an element to see the suggested action and verification steps for it. 
  4. Select multiple actions and verifications using Shift/Ctrl+Click.
  5. Drag and drop the item(s) to a desired position in the Steps pane, or use the Add Selected button. To add a single step, double click it.
  6. Click the Step Suggestions icon again to hide the Step Suggestions pane. In the VS plugin, simply click the Close button.