3D Viewer

The 3D Viewer provides an alternate view of all the elements in the DOM. The top portion displays the elements in a three dimensional representation and allows you to flip through the elements as with a stack of cards, either by using the mouse to click on background elements, using the mouse wheel, or using the slider. The View controls allow you to filter the elements. The lower part of the screen has tabs that list the elements and allows you to select and build verifications. The Lock on Surface button navigates to the Recording Surface with the corresponding element highlighted. The Add to Project button adds all verifications you have checked as test steps.




The Find Element tab defaults to the selected element and lists the surrounding elements. Click through the list and see the corresponding element highlighted in the 3D Viewer and the DOM Explorer.


The Available Verifications tab shows a list of pre-built verifications.


When a verification is highlighted, two buttons appear next to it. The first button will test whether the verification passes or fails against the currently loaded page. The second button locates the selected element in the DOM.



The View group boxes control which of the available verifications to display.

  • Change the displayed category with the Categories drop-down.
  • Limit the view to only the selected verifications by ticking the Selected Only check box.


Quickly add verifications by ticking the check boxes for the desired verifications and then click Add to Project.