Elements Menu

Enable Hover Over Highlighting from the Recording Toolbar. When the mouse pauses over a highlighted element in the recording surface, a blue nub appears. Click the nub to display the Elements Menu. This rich menu makes it easy to work with the recording surface and its elements. It provides quick access to relevant functions right in the page or application you are testing.




  • Add To Project Elements - adds the highlighted element to the Elements Explorer.
  • Locate In DOM - navigates to the DOM Explorer and selects the corresponding element.
  • View 3D - shows a hierarchical view. It starts at the selected element, and then traverses the DOM tree up to the root. It is used to identify and lock on elements and quickly build verifications.



  • Build Verification - loads the Sentence Verification Builder dialog to build custom verifications.
  • Quick Tasks - presents a context sensitive list of tasks that can be performed against the highlighted element. Select multiple items using the Shift key or Ctrl+Click, and then press the Add Quick Tasks button at the bottom.



  • Drag & Drop - allows you to interactively set up a drag and drop operation. You can drag an element onto another element or anywhere in the window. You can also configure the position of the dragged element and the drop target.
  • JavaScript Events - can be invoked against the highlighted element.



  • Mouse Actions - can be invoked, as if the user was directly using the mouse to click or hover the highlighted element. This option mimics a click on the button and is browser based.



  • Scroll Element - scrolls the highlighted element to the top or the bottom of the page, or within a Silverlight virtualized panel.


    Scroll Element Tasks


  • Image Verification - loads a dialog to verify an image based on an element's visual rendering rather than its properties or attributes.
  • Add a Manual Step - enter directions for a manual step at a specific point in the test.