HTML Popups

HTML Popups are automatically detected by Test Studio. When an HTML popup appears, Test Studio prompts you to automate it.




If you click Yes, Test Studio displays the popup window with its own Recording Toolbar. Test Studio automatically includes test steps for connecting to, recording steps inside the new browser window, and finally closing the HTML Popup.




The sequence is typically like the test steps shown below.

  1. The popup window is connected.
  2. Actions and/or verifications are performed inside the new browser window.
  3. The popup window is closed.


Steps for Connect to Pop-up


The properties for the Connect to pop-up window step (test step 3) are shown below:


Test Step Properties 

Popups with Dynamic Queries

If your web application typically loads popups with URLs that contain a dynamic portion, such as a search query, you will need to alter the Connect to pop-up window step properties. For example:

  • Your Popup URL contains a dynamic query:
  • Set IsUrlPartial to True.
  • Set PopupUrl to:


Note: Test Studio cannot connect to or record against a pop-up window that directly loads a PDF file. This is because it does not have a DOM like a traditional web page.