SQL Database Example

Let's say we have a SQL Server with the name of SQLEXPRESS. We have to create a database in this server in order to use it for data binding. One way to do it is by using SQL Management Studio.


Let's create a database called myFirstDB:



Now we can connect to to it and use it for data-driven testing.

  1. Load the Create New DataSource menu.
  2. Choose Database.
  3. For Provider, select SqlClient Data Provider.
  4. Here's an example for Connection String:


Data Source=MACHINENAME\SQLEXPRESS; Initial Catalog=myFirstDB; Integrated Security=true;


  • Data Source is the name of the SQL Server.
  • Initial Catalog is the named of the Database.


Of course you can write many different connection strings. See here for more examples.


Customize the Friendly Name as desired:



Click OK and the new data source should appear in the Data Sources list.