Create a Web Test (VS plugin)

  1. Launch Visual Studio.
  2. Click Telerik > Test Studio > Create New Test Project.

    Create New Test Project


  4. Choose Telerik > Test > VB or C# Test Studio Project, name the project, and click OK.

    Choose a Test Studio Project template


  6. A Web Test is added to the project. Open the Web Test to view the Steps pane.

Begin Recording in the VS Plugin

  1. Select the recording browser. The recording will start automatically in the selected browser (2013 R2).

    or click the Record button to begin recording test steps in the already selected default browser.

  2. Enter a URL and press Enter. A recording step is added to the Steps pane.
  3. Perform actions on the page. More steps are added to the Steps pane.

  4. Close the browser to stop recording.