Create a WPF Test (Standalone)

  1. Launch Test Studio.
  2. Click Create new project.

    Create New Project

  3. Click New Test > WPF Test.

    Record WPF Test


  • The Configure WPF Application Path window appears. There are two options to determine the default application to launch when recording and executing this test.
    • WPF Application Path - drag and drop the shortcut icon into this text box, or click Browse and locate it manually.
    • Current Path Expanded - read-only display of full path if environment variables are used.
    • Use default path - whether to use the path set here or the default path set in Project Settings > General.
    • Active WPF Applications - Telerik Test Studio detects all WPF apps currently running and lists them. Highlight the desired app and press Select Application
    • Recording Options - whether to record window state changes.

      Configure WPF

  • Click OK. If you need to later modify the WPF application path, choose Configure from the toolbar.
  • Hit Record to launch the app with the recording toolbar docked at the top.


    Configure WPF button


  • Notice that steps are added to the test as actions are taken within the application.


  • Close the application to stop recording.