Add a Custom Step

The Recording Surface can help build a wide range of automation and verification quickly and without having to resort to manual configuration. However, there are some steps that need to be added manually. For these, use the "Add" ribbon in the Standalone version and the "Add" button in Visual Studio.


Add Custom Step Test Studio

Standalone version

Add Custom Step Test Studio Plugin

VS plugin


  1. Test as Step - run an existing test as a single step.
  2. Script Step - add a coded step and open the code editor.
  3. Comment - display a text comment as a single test step and in the test log.
  4. Browser and Desktop Capture - take a screenshot of only the browser or the entire desktop.
  5. Execution Delay - pause the test for a specified amount of time.
  6. Custom Annotation - add a note to display when running "Quick Execution" with Annotation turned on. 
  7. Clear Cookies - clears all cookies from the active browser, unconditionally.
  8. Wait For URL - suspend the test until the specified URL is loaded into the browser address bar.
  9. Inspection Point - pause the test and display the DOM Explorer.
  10. Manual Step - display a dialog box to enter directions for a manual step.
  11. Change Window State - alter the state of the WPF application window.