Tests Will Not Run in Google Chrome


When executing a test in Chrome, the browser opens and navigates to http://localhost:XXXX/WebUI?XXXXXX, but test execution does not continue.


This problem is usually the result of the Test Studio extension not being installed, or being disabled. First check to see if the extension is installed:

1.  Open a Chrome browser window.

2.  Enter chrome://extensions and press Enter.


If the extension has been installed but is disabled, you will see this:


Enable it by clicking Enable. That should fix the problem.

If the extension doesn't appear at all, you can manually install it yourself. Open the folder C:\Program Files\Telerik\Test Studio 20XX.X\Browser Extensions\Chrome. In this folder you should find the file ChromeExtension.crx. Follow these short simple steps to install the extensions:

1.  Drag and drop this file into an open Google Chrome browser window.

2.  You will get a warning that Extensions can harm your computer. Click Continue.

3.  You will get one more prompt to confirm the installation. Click Install to finish the installation.

The other thing to check is whether a registry key is present as shown in this screen shot:


If it doesn't appear, you can try to create it yourself by importing this .reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"path"="C:\Program Files\Telerik\Test Studio 20XX.X\Browser Extensions\Chrome\ChromeExtension.crx" "version"="20XX.X.XXX.0"

Be sure that you use the right file path and version. It needs to match the version of Test Studio you have installed.

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