ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution NamespaceTelerik Corp. - Testing Framework 2013.2 Automation Infrastructure
Class used for programmatically launching test execution.

Public classCloudRunnerTestFinder
Public classCodedStepAttribute
Attribute placed on a coded automation step in the code behind of a test.
Public classCombinationStepsResult
Public classCommandLineRunner
Processes the execution of test (.aii) and test list (.aiilist).
Public classCommandLineRunner SchedulingPublishArgs
Public classCommandLineRunner TfsPublishArgs
Public classDataContext
The data context responsible for iteration the test. The ExecutionContext has a collection of DataContext for each test in the row (e.g. test as step, both tests data-bound.
Public classDataIterationResult
Represents a data iteration result for data driven testing.
Public classDebuggerOptions
Debugging Options when debugging.
Public classExecuteTestCommand
Command to execute a test
Public classExecutionContext
Provides the execution context of a specific test. (Test, step, settings, manager, data ..etc) You can use this class to get at information at any point in the execution flow of a testcase.
Public classExecutionErrorEventArgs
Public classExecutionReturnValues
Contains all values returns from execution
Public classFilter
Represents the mechanism to filter objects.
Public classFilteredCollection T 
A filtered collection other objects can implement
Public classFindExpressionUpdateInfo
All FindExpression updates
Public classInstalledBrowsers
Public classLocalRunnerTestFinder
Public classLogicalStepResult
Public classMainRunResult
Public classParamsManager
Public classParamsSettingsTransport
Public classRemoteManualRunner
Public classRemoteRunner
Manage communication inside the ArtOfTest.Runner.exe with the RunnerController.
Public classRemoteRunnerCommand
Base for all runner commands
Public classResultsReadyCommand
Command to report results
Public classResultSummary
Simple summary of an execution of a .aii test.
Public classRunHelper
Wraps .aii test execution so it can be called from third party apps.
Public classRunResult
Represents a collection of test results for a specific run.
Public classRunResultsCollection
Represents the collection of run results exposing filtering methods.
Public classRunTestArgs
Public classTestAsStepResult
Represents the result of a test as step run.
Public classTestCollection
Represents the collection of actual tests object along with custom logic to retrieve tests (filtering).
Public classTestCompletedEventArgs
Public classTestInfo
Public classTestList
Public classTestResult
Class representing a test result.
Protected classTestResult XmlDataKeys
Public classTestUpdatePackage
Class contains all updates that occurred to the test during execution.
Public classUpdateInfo
All update info objects should inherit from this.
Public classVerificationUpdateInfo
All Verification updates
Public classVisualDebugger
Visual Debugger that handles UI display during execution and the Stop/Go/Auto-Pause aspect of execution. This object is exposed to users so they can call it from the code behind. Execution engine communicates directly with this object.

Public interfaceIExecutionExtension
Implements an extension to the execution engine.
Public interfaceITestListExecutionExtension

Public enumerationAutoPauseOptions
Possible options to auto pause execution
Public enumerationDebuggerModes
The different debugger modes
Public enumerationFilterComparison
Serves as comparison types enum for filtering string type Test properties. Note: Shall we add a new item here a separate case needs to be implemented in the Match method.
Public enumerationRemoteCommands
Possible commands
Public enumerationRunExitCode
The command line runner exit code. - '0' for processed run and tests success - '1' for processed run but some failed tests - more than 1 for other errors.