Remote Browser Configuration

Run tests remotely is a common scenario. The one have to consider which way to configure the browsers on the remote machine. One way is manually to configure each of the browsers. The other way is to create a single coded step and execute it on the remote machine. The method in the step have to contain the following code line:

// to configure FireFox
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.FireFox, "");
// to configure Chrome
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.Chrome, "");
// to configure IE
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.InternetExplorer, "");
// to configure Safari
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.Safari, "");
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.FireFox, "")
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.Chrome, "")
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.InternetExplorer, "")
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.Safari, "")