Test Lists (Visual Studio 2010)

As of version 2015.3.1015 Visual Studio 2010 is not supported!

  1. Right click in the Test View area and select Open Test List Editor.

    Test View

  2. Highlight Lists of Tests. Click the here link in the center of the screen to add a test list.

    Test List Editor

  3. Name the Test List and click OK.

    Name test list

  4. Ctrl/Shift + Click to select multiple tests. Drag them into the Test List area.

    Drag tests

  5. Check the newly created Test List and click the Run Checked Tests icon.

    Run test list

  6. A browser window or WPF app will open and each test executes in sequence. Upon completion, click the link (in red below) in the Test Results area to view the execution log.


  7. To ensure the tests are executed in a certain order, use a Visual Studio Ordered Test. When executing an Ordered Test via the Test View, the selected tests execute in the specified order.

    Ordered test