Project Files Context Menu

Each project file has a context menu with further actions that can be taken. Note that some context menu items will show up only for certain project file types.

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  • Add New Test - create a new test within the project or folder.

  • Add Existing Test - add a previously created test to the project.

  • Create Folder - add a new folder to the project.

  • Close - close the project.

  • Rename - edit the name of the project.

  • Open Project Folder in Windows Explorer - launch an explorer window with the project path loaded.

  • Source Control ... - bind the project to TFS.

  • Run - execute the test.

  • Open - load the test in the Record tab.

  • Data Bind - load the menu to bind the test to a data source.

  • Remove Data Binding - remove link between the test and the data source it is currently bound to.

  • Properties - show all test properties.

  • Show in Windows Explorer - launch an explorer window with the test or folder path loaded.

  • Cut - keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+X.

  • Copy - keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+C.

  • Paste - keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+V.

  • Delete - permanently remove the file or folder from disk.

  • Rename - edit the name of the test or folder.

  • Exclude from Project - remove the test or folder from the project, but keep it on disk.