Integration with Git Source Control Systems

Test Studio seamlessly integrates with Git Source Control to simplify the collaboration between QAs and Developers. The Git integration also facilitates the work of a QA team on the same test project, allowing them to check-in their results at the same time and independently. In addition to Git support, Test Studio can also interact with any other file-based source control system.

Test Studio provides general support for git repositories. It supports commit, push, pull and revert commands. However, it does not provide means for creating a repository in any remote provider. Instead, it leaves it up to you to decide in what remote provider you want your projects stored. Having that in mind, you must first create an empty remote repository in a remote provider of choice, and only then connect a local project to that repository using Test Studio. If an attempt is made to connect a local project to a different existing remote one, you might have to manually merge the conflicting project files.

Configure Git Remote Repository

The following applies to GitHub. Similar workflow is available in other remote repository providers.

Create an empty repository