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Delete Custom View Templates

If you no longer need a template, you can remove it. You can permanently delete local templates and the template projects associated with local or shared templates. You can only archive shared templates.

You cannot undo deleting a template. You can restore archived templates.

This article contains the following information:

Delete Local Templates

A custom local template is a template used only in the current app and not shared with other apps and users. You might want to delete a custom local template if you no longer need it.

  1. Open the app in which you want to develop custom templates and navigate to the Views tab.
  2. Click Manage Views.
  3. Remove any views based on the template.
    You will not be able to delete the template if any views are using it.
  4. Click View Templates.
  5. Select the template that you want to remove and click Delete.
  6. Select the confirmation check-box and click Delete.

This operation deletes both the template from the list and the code for it from the current app.

Archive Shared Templates

You cannot delete shared templates from the account but you can archive them and, if needed, you can remove the template code. After a shared template becomes archived, no one on your account can use it to generate new views. Existing views based on the template are not affected by archiving the template.

  1. Open any app and navigate to the Views tab.
  2. Click Manage Views.
  3. Select the shared template and click Archive.
    If you do not see this option but see Delete instead, the current app contains the code for the shared template. To be able to archive the template from the current app, you need to remove the template project first.
  4. If you need to remove the template project for the shared template, complete the following steps:
    1. Navigate back to the list of apps.
    2. Open the app that contains the code for the shared template and navigate to the Code tab.
    3. In the Project Navigator, right-click the generator-<generatorName> node for the shared template.
    4. Select Delete Project and confirm the operation.
      This operation removes the code for the template but does not remove the template itself. The code remains shared in the storage of the Views service.
    5. Wait for AppBuilder to reload your app.
    6. Navigate to the Views tab and complete Steps 2 and 3.

You might want to delete the project for a shared template if you no longer need to maintain it in your app. You can do this by performing Steps 4.2—4.5.

Restore Shared Templates

If you have archived a shared template by mistake or if you want to make it available to your team, you can restore it.

  1. Open any app and navigate to the Views tab.
  2. Click View Templates.
  3. Make sure that the Show Archived check-box is selected.
  4. Select an archived template and click Restore.
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