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Upgrade Old Views Service Generators

When a new version of the Views service becomes available, you need to upgrade your app to be able to use the latest Views service features.

This feature is available for apps created with the Views service version 0.0.7 (June 24, 2015) and later.

The next time you open an app eligible for upgrade, the Views service will show an upgrade prompt. You will need to choose between the following options:

Commit changes and upgrade The Views service commits your latest app version to version control and attempts to upgrade the generators. If the Views service is unable to complete the operation, it reverts your app to the latest version available in AppBuilder. You can continue your work and attempt to fix any issues which might be preventing the Views service from completing the upgrade.
Go to AppBuilder to review the changes The latest available version loads in the Code tab. You can continue your work with AppBuilder.

IMPORTANT: If you have custom code which is not enclosed in the dedicated comment blocks, the Views service might overwrite it during the upgrade process.
Custom code preserved during the upgrade process might be incompatible with the latest version of the generators and might cause your app to stop working in the simulator or on devices. In such cases, you need to update the custom code to be compatible with the newly upgraded generators.

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