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Create and Modify an App with the Views Service

With the Views service you can create hybrid and NativeScript mobile apps using pre-built screens with pre-wired functionality for authentication, data integration and services. This makes it easy to generate a working app without putting in hours of coding. The end result is a cross-platform app that you can distribute to users directly or further customize with the code development tools of the Telerik Platform.

This article contains the following information:

Create a New App in the Views Service

To create a new app, complete the following steps:

  1. In your browser, navigate to and select Telerik Platform.
  2. On the Login to Telerik Platform page, select a login provider and provide your credentials.
  3. In the account bar, click Apps.
  4. Click Create app.
  5. Choose between Cordova Hybrid, NativeScript, or Advanced.
  6. If you have selected Advanced, choose a template from the list with the available options.

    The Progress Telerik Platform samples and some templates are not compatible with the Views service (formerly Screen Builder) and you won't be able to open them in the Views service. In such cases, you will be notified with a message. The supported templates are marked with a special icon - a pencil on a note.

  7. Provide name and description.
  8. Click Create App.

The Telerik Platform creates a new app and opens it in the Views service.

Modify a Newly Created App in the Views Service

You can perform the following tasks:

After you finish mocking up your app structure and base functionality in the Views service, you can switch to the Code tab and continue development.

IMPORTANT: If you create an app in the Views service and then modify its code with AppBuilder, be careful if later editing the app in the Views service again. If you make changes in the same files which you have modified with AppBuilder or if you delete existing views, the modified files will be regenerated. This means that the custom code in these files will be lost. But if you keep your custom code within the dedicated block comments in the generated code, the Telerik Platform Views service will respect these changes and won't overwrite them. More info about these custom code block comments is available in the How To Add And Keep Custom Code Changes In Your App article.

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