Telerik Mobile Testing is an automated testing solution for native, hybrid, and web apps. Write one coded test on the desktop and execute it against any supported devices and clients, including an iOS native app, Android native app, hybrid app(Android/iOS/WP), mobile browser, and desktop browser.

These coded tests are written in JavaScript. Descriptors are used on suites, tests, and steps so they can be understood in plain language. You may also use coded element and step repositories for easy reuse.

File Bundle

Download the Mobile Testing Framework file bundle. It contains the following:

  • bin - command line tool and browser-based Test Runner.
  • extensions - Android, iOS, WP8, Hybrid and Web versions of Mobile Testing apps and testing extensions.
  • samples - Android, iOS, Hybrid and Web demo applications and sample tests that showcase testing functionality.

Mobile Testing Agent App

Download this app directly onto your device from Google Play, App Store, or the Windows Phone Store. This app communicates between the Node server running on the desktop and the app-under-test on the device.