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Become a Telerik Platform User

When you log in to Telerik Platform for the first time, you become a Telerik Platform user.


Telerik Platform provides a complete toolset for development of cross-platform mobile apps. You can use the development, analytics, backend, publishing, feedback and project management tools to create, publish and maintain your applications either as an individual or in collaboration with other Telerik Platform users.

As a Telerik Platform user, you are either the Account owner of an account or an account member in one or more accounts. This user setup in Telerik Platform lets you manage and contribute to multiple large-scale development initiatives in the cloud, associated with multiple teams or companies.

As the Account owner or an account member, based on your role and permissions, you can view and access the apps in the account. The app is a container, designed to host the complete set of services required to develop a complex application in Telerik Platform.

New Users

When you log in to Telerik Platform for the first time, you become an account owner or an account member.

Become an Account Owner

The first time you log in, Telerik Platform creates an account for you and you become the account owner, if you have not been invited to join an existing account. Telerik Platform creates the demo Photo Album app app in your account.

When you own a Telerik Platform account, the following benefits apply.

  • You can manage the subscription plan for the account and modify it according to the scope of your development process.
  • You can invite and remove account members and assign roles to the account members.

After is creates your account, Telerik Platform guides you through a quick start tutorial and opens the Photo Album demo photo album application in the Code tab. During the tutorial, you will learn how to navigate between the services of your app, how to add and configure Kendo UI widgets to your apps, how to call the Apache Cordova Camera API and how to store images in the cloud. After you complete the tutorial, you can continue exploring the app development capabilities of Telerik Platform or return to your home page. To return to the home page, in the title bar, click your account name. For more information about apps and services in Telerik Platform, see Apps in Telerik Platform and Services in Telerik Platform.

After you have explored Telerik Platform, you can start managing your team. Return to the home page and click Team. For more information about adding account members to your team, see Invite Account Members.

Become an Account Member

The first time you log in, Telerik Platform adds you to an existing account as a member, if you have been invited to join the account. You can manually create an account later and become an Account owner.

Based on your invitation, you will hold any of the following roles.

  • Administrator: The Administrator has complete access to the apps, services and members in the account.
  • Developer: The Developer has complete access to all apps and can create apps.
  • Content Editor: The Content Editor has read-only access to all apps but is allowed to do some non-destructive actions such as sending push notifications.

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