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App Settings

Telerik Platform provides several unique identifiers for your app which you can use to integrate with and access Telerik Platform services. You can review and manage these identifiers in the Settings tab for your app.

App ID

The App ID is the unique identifier for your app. You can use it to connect your code to the services enabled for your app. The App ID never changes.

Not to be confused with iOS App ID - a unique reverse domain name identifier for iOS application packages. The iOS App ID is used only during the code signing and distribution process for your app. For more information about the iOS App ID, see App ID in the Apple Developer Documentation.

In earlier versions of Telerik Platform, you needed to use different API keys to connect each separate service to your app. Now the unified App ID replaces the older API keys. However, for apps created with earlier versions of Telerik Platform, you can still use the old API keys you have already configured and you do not need to migrate your code to use the new App ID.

API Master Key

The API Master Key (or just Master Key) is a unique identifier which lets you bypass the application security and manage the services in your app. It is required for calling some Data, Users, Notifications and Business Logic services APIs. You can manually re-generate the Master key.

NOTE: The API Master Key appears in your Settings page after you enable Data, Users, Notifications or Business Logic for your app. If you do not see the Master Key, you have not enabled any of the cloud backend services of Telerik Platform.

With the Master Key, you can perform a special kind of authorization that overrides the whole set of item- and type-level permissions of each content type and other secured resources such as Cloud Functions. This authorization scheme is designed to be used in isolated cases such as specific administrative operations or testing. For example, you can use it in an administrative application running in a controlled environment such as one of your company's web servers.

IMPORTANT: You should never use the Master Key client-side or disclose it to third parties even in a human-unreadable form. Do not use it as an authorization mechanism in any request from the client-side code.

For more information about the Master Key, see Introduction to Security.

Access Tokens

The access tokens are unique identifiers which provide scoped access to parts of a service. For example, build tokens let you use the continuous integration offering of AppBuilder. You can create and delete access tokens.

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