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Introduction to User Management

Introduction to User Management

Telerik Platform provides a User Management service that you can integrate in your app with very little effort. Its features include user account management, permissions, roles, and social login among others.

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Telerik Platform User Management provides industry-standard features for managing user accounts. You can find more details about them in the following sections.

Registering New Users

You can create a new user account manually using the Telerik Platform portal or you can implement user registration in you application.

Verifying Users Through Email

The User Management service provides an easy to set user verification mechanism based on email templates.

Logging Users In and Out

After logging in using a username and password pair, the user receives a Bearer token that authenticates them for following requests. You can give authenticated users different permission to anonymous users of your applications.

Logging out invalidates the Bearer access token.

Access Control

User Management integrates with the Telerik Platform security system. You can restrict what a user can do by applying role-based, type-level, or item-level permissions. The security system is described in more detail in Access Control.

Recovering User Accounts

It is easy to implement a "Forgot your password?" feature in your application using Telerik Platform. You can choose between two methods: using email or using a secret question.

Manage User Account Data

The User Management service is set up around the built-in Users content type that has a number of predefined fields such as Username, Password, and DisplayName, to which you can add your own. Predefined fields cannot be removed.

Similarly to other content types, you can perform full CRUD operations:

  • Read information about user accounts by Id or by applying a rich set of filters and sorting
  • Update user account information such as the password
  • Delete user accounts

Social Authentication Providers

User Management supports popular social authentication providers based on OAuth. The list includes:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft Account (previously known as Windows Live ID)

Enterprise Authentication Providers

If you are building an enterprise application you can take advantage of Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) as an authentication provider or integrate with any identity provider supporting SAML 2.0.

Linking and Unlinking Social Identities

You can link an existing user account to a social authentication provider to allow the user to start logging in using their Facebook, Google, etc. account. Similarly, unlinking from a social authentication provider is supported.

For the complete list of predefined fields, go to Users > Structure in the left-side navigation.

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