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Introduction to Push Notifications

Introduction to Push Notifications

Push notifications are a convenient, battery-friendly way to inform your users or send other data to your app, even if it is not running. Besides being a good way to notify users about receiving mail, chat messages, or upcoming events, they are widely used as a marketing tool.

Each mobile platform vendor implements push notification in its own way, making it a challenge to support multiple vendors in an app. Telerik Platform aims to hide the differences as much as possible. Implementing push notifications through Telerik Platform has the following benefits:

  • Multiplatform solution—support iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows Store.
  • Rich sending and targeting features—target specific groups of devices using various criteria.
  • An intuitive GUI—target, send, and manage push notifications using the Telerik Platform portal.
  • Integration with Telerik Platform user management—if you are using the built-in user management, you will also be able to target notifications based on user account data.
  • Easy device integration—Telerik Platform provides SDKs that allow you to integrate push notifications in Hybrid, NativeScript, or native iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices.
  • Client-side sending—use the client SDKs to allow users to send push notifications from your app.
  • Sample apps—browse sample code to learn how to integrate Telerik Platform push notifications.

Keep in mind that platform vendors do not guarantee the delivery of push notifications. The device may never receive the notification or receive it later than desired. Another thing to consider is that the user may choose to disable push notifications for your app altogether.


To integrate push notifications in your Telerik Platform you need to follow this workflow:

  1. Enable push notifications for each platform that you are targeting.
  2. Ensure that the push notifications' security is set up to suit your needs.
  3. Initialize and register your user devices.
  4. Target and send push notifications.

Supported Features and Platforms

You can send push notifications to all major mobile platforms. However, not all features are supported on all platforms.

  • Windows Phone—Telerik Platform supports all three types of notifications for Windows Phone on hybrid and native apps: Toast, Tile, and Raw notifications. NativeScript does not support Windows Phone. Versions of Windows Phone earlier than 7 do not support all features.
  • Android—currently Telerik Platform supports the following options to be provided in the notification payload: collapse_key, data, delay_while_idle, time_to_live, retries.
  • iOS—Telerik Platform supports all action types for notification on iOS and OSX: alert, badge, sound, category. In addition you can pass any custom payload you need as long as it does not exceed the limit of 2048 bytes (2KB).
  • Windows Store—Telerik Platform supports all four types of notifications for Windows 8+: Toast, Tile, Badge, and Raw notifications. NativeScript does not support Windows Store.

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