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Introduction to Caching

Introduction to Caching

Caching automatically stores recently used Telerik Platform content locally on the device. Using the device copy rather than the server copy has the benefits of speeding up your app and lowering traffic that your app makes to Telerik Platform.

When caching is enabled, the JavaScript SDK automatically caches results of read operations on the client. The next time the same request is made it is replied using the cached data.

On an update or create operation, the SDK makes the same change to both the server and the cached copy of the data. This way you always receive an up-to-date result when following with a read request.

It is possible to control cache expiration so that cached data is not used if it's older than appropriate for your app.

Caching only applies to these operations:

  • Read item by ID
  • Read multiple items (using filtering, sorting, etc.)
  • Get item count

These operations disregard the cache and are always executed against the backend:

  • Geopoint queries
  • Relation expand queries
  • Power fields queries (legacy feature)

Caching does not function when the device is offline. For more information on how caching interacts with offline support, see Configuring Caching and Troubleshooting Caching.

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