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Introduction to Responsive Images

Introduction to Responsive Images

The Responsive Images service aims to significantly lower the network traffic between your app and the backend and to shorten the image load times that your users experience. To help you achieve that, Responsive Images provides the following features:

  • Specifying target image dimensions for individual images
  • Automatic resizing of individual images based on the target container dimensions
  • Automatic resizing of all images in an app based on the target container dimensions
  • Optional automatic PNG lossy compression

You can resize images stored in Telerik Platform Files or by a third-party service. Either way, resized images are served by a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which means higher download speeds around the globe.

Supported formats

Responsive Images accepts image files of up to 10MB in size of the following image file formats:

  • JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)
  • PNG (.png)
  • GIF (.gif)

Other image types are accepted but are returned without any modifications.

Image Metadata

For all supported image types, you have the option to keep or strip their metadata, such as EXIF tags. Stripping metadata can have a significant effect on the output image size, especially on smaller images where it can decrease their size two-fold or even more.

JPEG EXIF Orientation

Although Responsive Images supports multiple formats, JPEG images are different in that Responsive Images respects their Orientation EXIF tag if available. It will use the orientation information to rotate the processed image accordingly, unless the keepMetadata option is on. See the following table for details.

Orientation available keepMetadata value Outcome
Yes false Output image is rotated according to orientation. Output image does not include metadata.
Yes true Output image is not rotated but includes metadata. You can choose to ignore the orientation or respect it.
No false Output image is not rotated.
No true Output image is not rotated.

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