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  • Getting Started with the Backend Services iOS SDK

Getting Started with the Backend Services iOS SDK

Getting Started with the Backend Services iOS SDK

The Backend Services iOS SDK is a wrapper around the Backend Services RESTful API. It greatly simplifies the integration process and allows you to work with Backend Services without having any knowledge of its RESTful services.

Key Features

  • Fully asynchronous API.
  • Easy mapping from Telerik Platform content types to Objective-C classes.
  • API similar to Apple Core Data
  • Support for direct filtering and sorting using NSPredicate and NSSortDescriptor.

Unsupported Operations

Any operations that are not directly supported by the SDK can be accessed through the RESTful API.

What You Need

To use the Backend Services iOS SDK you need to download the Backend Services iOS SDK framework. You can download the archive fromĀ  the "Downloads" page.

Make sure that you have set -ObjC linker flag for each project that is using the iOS SDK. Here is how to do it:

  • Select the project file from the project explorer
  • Choose the target project for which you want to add the flag
  • Head to Build Settings
  • Select All
  • Scroll down to the Linking section
  • Navigate to Other Linker Flags
  • Set -ObjC as a value
  • Clean and rebuild the project

Entry Point

The entry point of the Backend Services iOS SDK is the Everlive class. It is a globally available singleton.

The Everlive object is initialized by supplying an App ID. The App ID links the runtime object to the Telerik Platform app you want to work with. Here is an example:

[Everlive setApplicationKey:@"your-app-id"];

Once you have initialized Everlive, you are ready to make requests to Telerik Platform. You will find more examples later in the documentation.

Important Classes

In this section you will find the most important classes in the SDK and a brief description of what they are used for.

Name Description
Everlive Entry point of the SDK. Used to work with a single Telerik Platform application.
EVDataStore This class is used to perform Create, Read, Update and Delete operations.
EVFetchRequest This class is used to fetch filtered and/or sorted items.
EVFile This class is used to download/upload files.
EVUser This class is used to perform User related operations such as login, logout, signup etc.
EVObject Base data class for representing a single Telerik Platform content type.
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