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whereQuery.withinCenterSphere(field, center, radius, [metrics])


Adds a Geospatial condition that a specified geopoint must be within a coordinate circle. Applicable to GeoPoint fields only.

Return Type



Parameter Name Type Default Description
field string Field name containing a {GeoPoint} in the following format: (decimal_degrees_latitude,decimal_degrees_longitude), where decimal_degrees_latitude ranges from -90 to 90 and decimal_degrees_longitude ranges from -180 to 180. Example: (42.6954322,123.3239467)
center Everlive.GeoPoint Comparison value specifying the center of the coordinate circle.
radius number Value specifying the radius length.
[metrics] string radians A string representing what unit of measurement is used for radius length. Possible values: radians, km, miles.
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