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  • What is Telerik Platform Backend Services?

What is Telerik Platform Backend Services?

Backend Services is a set of Telerik Platform cloud-based services that help you build your app backend. It features a fast data storage, an easy to manage user management facility, the ability to write server-side code and other services.

Each Backend Services component is quickly introduced below.


Store your app data in the cloud. Backend Services provides a fast NoSQL database to store your permanent or changing app data.


Store all types of files that your application needs to display and store—images, documents, text files, or binary blobs. For faster access around the globe, file content is stored on a CDN while file metadata is stored in a Files content type in the NoSQL database.

Data Connectors

If the cloud-based NoSQL database does not provide enough features for your app, Backend Services provides connectors for your existing data stores such as popular SQL servers or cloud services such as Salesforce.

Push Notifications

Using Backend Services for sending push notifications to your apps removes the complexity of integrating with multiple vendor-specific notification services and gives you an easy to use client SDKs and a user-friendly push portal. iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices are all supported.

User Management and Social Login

If your app requires logging in you can rely on Backend Services to provide you with full-featured built-in user management. You can even easily authenticate users through popular social login providers such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft Account, and Twitter.

Enterprise Authentication with ADFS

If you are building enterprise-grade apps, the Backend Services user management feature lets you use Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) for authentication.

Business Logic

Most apps require server-side code to enhance the user experience. You can execute business logic and validations in the cloud with Cloud Code and Cloud Functions. You can even run stored procedures and other database logic using the Data Connectors feature.

Backend Services also provides a job scheduler for even greater flexibility.

Responsive Images

Regardless of whether you are storing your images on your own servers or in Telerik Platform, the Responsive Images feature offers various image resizing options to help you save bandwidth and make images load faster on the user device.

Email Notifications

The Email Notifications service allows you to define email templates that you can use to send large numbers of customized email messages in a single operation.

Geolocation Services

Backend Services allows you to store Geo Points that contain longitude and latitude geographic coordinates of the Earth's surface. It has a set of API operations for retrieving items that are near a given Geo Point.

Backend Services JavaScript SDK

Backend Services provides a JavaScript SDK for Hybrid (Apache Cordova), NativeScript, and mobile web app development as well as access to Backend Services from other supported JavaScript frameworks such as node.js.

The Backend Services JavaScript SDK has Offline Support and Caching Support.

Backend Services .NET SDK

Backend Services provides a .NET SDK for native Windows Phone or Windows Store development.

Backend Services iOS SDK

Backend Services provides an Objective-C/Swift SDK for native iOS development.

Backend Services Android SDK

Backend Services provides a Java SDK for native Android development.

Backend Services RESTful API

Use the Backend Services RESTful API for platforms that are not covered by the client SDKs or to use features that are not implemented by them.

Backend Services and Everlive

Telerik Platform Backend Services was historically using the Everlive moniker. This name is still widely used throughout the client SDKs.

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