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Introduction to Files

Introduction to Files

Telerik Platform provides a file management service that allows you to upload and download files associated with your content types. Use it when your app users need to store images, documents, progress information, or any other data that can be stored in a file.

Files are managed through the Files system content type which only stores medatada. The file itself is transparently uploaded to a Content Distribution Network (CDN) from where it is served when file requests are made. Files can be uploaded either as base64 encoded data or multipart/form-data.

Because the CDN also behaves as a cache, there are some side effects that you should take in account. The default time-to-live (TTL) for files is 24 hours. In practical terms this could mean that when you delete a file it may take up to 24h for the download link to become inactive. The same effect may be observed when updating the content of a fileā€”it may take some time before browsers and apps start receiving the new content. Depending on your scenario an alternative would be to reupload the file and obtain a new download link rather than updating it.

The default File permissions allow full access to all users through the Anonymous role. You can manage File permissions using predefined security policies or roles as with any other content type.

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