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Introduction to Email Notifications

Introduction to Email Notifications

The Telerik Platform Email Notifications service allows you to define email templates that you can use to send large numbers of customized email messages in a single operation.

You define an email template for each case where you want to send out emails. It can contain static text and placeholders that are dynamically replaced with data when sending. Both plain text and HTML are supported.

Sending is typically done from a Cloud Function. When sending, you need to specify a template to use, a recipient list, and to define your placeholders.


The features provided by Email Notifications include:


Customization of email messages is achieved through using placeholders to replace parts of the message text. For example the placeholder is replaced with the current user's username.


Each template has a context where you set values for the template's placeholders. The context is set when sending the emails.

System Email Templates

Telerik Platform uses a set of system email templates to complement the user management service:

  • WelcomeEmail—the template of the email that is sent to each user that registers in your app
  • VerifyAccountEmail—the template of the email that is sent to verify the email of newly registered users
  • ResetPasswordEmail—the template of the email that is sent to users who want to reset their passwords
  • PasswordChangedEmail—the template of the email that is sent to notify the user about a recent password change

Message Body Format

Choose between HTML or plain text messages, or send both versions. You can set the type when creating the email template in the portal or through the RESTful API.

Sending Emails from Templates

After you have created an email template, you can use it in your code to send multiple email messages. Before sending, you need to set the template's variables such as list of recipients and placeholder values.

Email-sending code is typically server-side. A handy way to write and run such code is the Telerik Platform Cloud Code service, where you can leverage the Cloud Code SDK (JavaScript) to send emails.

If you write in another server-side language, use the RESTful API to send email notifications.

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