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  • AppManager Email Distribution

AppManager Email Distribution

One of the way to distribute apps via AppManager is to use email distribution. When you have access to new apps or app updates AppManager will send you an email with links to pages, where you can download and install the app on a device. This article explains how to sign up for AppManager as an account member and how to install your first app on a device.

This article refers to installing a private app via AppManager email distribution. If you were sent a direct link to the app that does not prompt you to sign in, you do not need to go through these steps.

There are a few things that you must have in mind when you want to install email-distributed apps:

  • You will always be able to see and review an app distributed by email even in a desktop browser. However, you will have to open the app download page on a suitable device to be able to install the app.
  • Due to some specifics of the Firefox browser for Android it is not supported by AppManager and you will not be able to install an app using it.
  • Opera Mini is not supported.

Step 1: Sign Up

You can sign up for AppManager after you receive an invitation email.

The invitation email contains a link to the AppManager user sign-up page where you can fill in your data, such as name, company and phone, and complete your registration by specifying a password. The only field you cannot modify is the user name that always matches your invitation email address.

Step 2: Open the Initial App Distribution Email

When you finish your registration, AppManager sends you a welcome email and an initial app distribution email. The initial app distribution email contains all the apps for all platforms that you have access to along with links to app download pages.

You will receive app distribution emails every time a new app or app update is available for you.

Step 3: Install Email Distributed Apps

Tap Download on each app to navigate to its download page. You may need to log in with your user name and password.

Remember, your user name always matches the email address where you received your invitation. In case you forget your password, you can reset it and specify a new password by pressing the link at the bottom of the login screen.

After a successful login you are taken to the app download page, where you can review the app and download it on your device by tapping Download.

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