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Publishing Your First App in AppManager

This guide will walk you through the basics of publishing an app in AppManager. In the following sections, you will learn how to add a new app to AppManager, review and then publish it.

Step 1: Add an App in AppManager

To add your first app in AppManager, follow these steps:

  1. Open App Distribution in Telerik Platform.
  2. Click Add new app. AppManager opens the Add New App form. The form collects all the needed information about the new app.

  3. Upload the IPA, APK or APPX / XAP package file containing your app. The package file must not exceed 100 MB in size. AppManager will try to extract the meta data needed to fill in the Add New App form's required fields.

  4. In case AppManager fails to extract any of the metadata, it will prompt you to manually input it.

    If you are required to input App ID or App version, note that their values must match the bundle/package identifier and version specified in the package file that you uploaded.

  5. (Optional) Provide the following information:

    • Description
    • Phone screenshots
    • Tablet screenshots
  6. Scroll down to the Distribution grid and click the Can Install option button for each group that should see the current app. If you are running AppManager for the first time, there will be a Default Group created for your convenience. Check it, so that you can your first app successfully.

    If you want to create your own distribution group, read this article: Adding a Distribution Group in AppManager.

    A detailed description of all fields shown in the Add New App form is available here: Adding a New App.

Distribution groups are needed only for private app distribution. If you want to distribute your app publicly, using a download link, you do not need to set distribution groups. To learn more about public and private app distribution, see this article: Choose Between Private and Public Distribution.

  1. Click Add App.

AppManager saves the app and takes you to the Apps page that displays a list with your app in it.

Step 2: Review Your App

In the Apps page, you can click your app version to open the App Details page. The page lists all the information that you entered in the previous step in a more readable way. If you are not happy with the end result, click Edit and apply the needed changes to the app.

Step 3: Publish Your App

Click Publish and AppManager shows a dialog box that asks you how you want to notify your users about the newly published app—with an email or a push notification to the AppManager mobile app.

Due to Windows Phone OS specifics, you will not be able to publish a Windows Phone app until you have re-signed it with an Enterprise certificate. This is necessary because Windows Phone apps are usually un-signed during development.

To ensure that users will be able to install Windows Phone apps, AppManager requires you to re-sign them. After you provide your certificate and password, you can click Publish in the bottom left corner of the dialog box.

When you publish an app, AppManager makes it available for download to users in the distribution groups that you chose in Step 2.

If you do not want users to authenticate but prefer to directly send them a download link for your app, follow the instructions provided here: Private vs. Public App Distribution.

Next Steps

Now that you have published your app, you can distribute the app, edit it, update it, or remove it.

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