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Managing User Invitations

When you send a user invitation, a record is added to the Users list in AppManager. It has a status Pending Activation. This article elaborates on the actions you can perform with this item to change, delete or re-send such invitation item.

Invitation States

User invitations expire in 72 hours. After that, a user is unable to register in AppManager by following the link from their invitation email. You can easily see when an invitation has expired by looking at the rightmost column in the Users page. If the 72 hours have passed, it shows a grey Expired Invitation label.

To, re-activate the invitation you need to re-send it.

Re-sending a User Invitation

To re-activate a user invitation or if the user has lost the invitation email, you can re-send the email. To do so, in the Users page:

  1. Select one or more invitations.
  2. Click Resend.
  3. Select Resend Invitation.

If you want to send a user only the invitation link for an active invitation and not the entire email, you can click the Get Signup Url button. When clicked, an input containing the invitation link shows at the button's place.

Editing a User Invitation

You can change the groups assigned to a user invitation. This determines which groups will the user be a member of once they complete their registration. To edit an invitation, in the Users page:

  1. Select an invitation and click Edit or directly click the email address in the users list.
  2. Modify the groups selection.
  3. Click Save.

Deleting a User Invitation

If you want to invalidate an invitation, in the Users page:

  1. Select one or more invitations.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Confirm deletion when prompted.

This will delete the invitation and the invitee will no longer be able to complete their registration.

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