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Adding Distribution Groups

Distribution groups let you give different users of your account access to different apps. Groups are very useful when you are distributing apps to multiple teams in an enterprise or when you want to let your testers try the apps before you make them available to end users. This article shows how you can add new distribution groups to your AppManager project.


Follow the steps listed below to add a new group to App Distribution Portal:

  1. Click Groups in the side menu under App Distribution.

    AppManager displays a list of all existing groups, the number of members and registered devices in each group, as well as the apps available to the group.

  2. Click Add Group.

  3. Specify the group details:
    1. Type in a group name.
    2. Choose which users will be included in the new group under App Distribution.
    3. Choose which apps will be available to the members of the new group.
    4. Check Send Push Notifications (for distribution via AppManager mobile app) or Distribute by email (for email distribution) under the users or apps list if you want to notify group members about newly available apps.
  4. Click Add Group.

You can apply the settings from steps 3.2 and 3.3 later by editing the group or separately for each app and user in the Manage App and Edit User forms.

When you save the group, AppManager adds it to the Groups list and applies the new permissions that you have set.

Next Steps

Now, that you have created your own group, you can edit the existing group, delete it or add users to it.

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