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Updating an App

Using AppManager, you can deliver app updates to your AppManager users. When you update an app, AppManager creates a new app version, with a different app package but the same AppID.

This article describes the steps for updating an app and any specifics of the update process. If you only want to make a change to an existing app, without creating a new version, check out this article: Editing an App.


To update an app, you need to have added it to the App Distribution Portal first. If you have not done so, go through this article: Adding a New App.


Follow these steps to update an app (create new app version) in the App Distribution Portal:

  1. Select the app that you want to update in the Apps grid and click Add new version.

    AppManager pre-populates the Add New Version page with information from the latest available version and leaves only three fields empty:

    • App package: The updated app package. When updating an app, you cannot change the supported platform. The file must be of the same type (e.g. .apk for Android) as the one from the original app.

      When updating an app, the new app package must have the same AppID (bundle identifier for iOS, package identifier for Android or the assembly name for Windows Phone) as the old one.

      In an update, you can upload a package with an older version but users from each distribution group will see only the latest version available to them. Uploading an older version is only meaningful when you want to distribute one version to some groups and an older one to other groups.

      When updating an Android app, make sure that the new app package is signed with the same private key as the previous version. Otherwise, the Android system will not allow the user to install the update.

    • App version: The new app version. AppManager will populate this field when it extracts the metadata from the newly uploaded package.
    • New in this version: The version notes for the current version. You should add information about changes in the current package that will be visible to the end user.
  2. Upload the new package and review the extracted metadata. If any fields failed to extract, fill them in manually.

    If extraction of the version fails, AppManager will prompt you to input the version manually. It must match the version of the app package.

  3. Review the secondary information (version notes, description, etc.) and update it where needed.
  4. Click Update.

AppManager creates a new version of the app and displays it in the Apps grid together with the old one.

The app update will not be visible to your users and they will not receive any notifications until you publish the new version of the app.

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